BALLET Is formal movements and positions of the body, arms, head and feet characterized by classical ballet. This method of dance is designed to enable a dancer to move with grace and agility, including control, speed and turnout out all while appearing effortless. This disciplined and stylized art form allows a dancer to portray a variety of dramatic emotional roles. Ballet class starts with exercises at the barre and is followed by work in center floor.

Ballet classes range from ages 2 years old through adult: Levels beginner through advanced


Graded Levels:

Ballet II, Ballet III, Ballet IV, Ballet V, Ballet VI, Ballet VII, Ballet VIII, Ballet IX, Ballet X


Addition Non-Graded Classes:

Beginning Ballet, Beginning/Intermediate Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Beginning Pointe, Intermediate Pointe, Advanced Pointe, Pre-Teen Ballet, Teen Ballet, Adult Ballet, Adult Ballet Basics, Mixed Ballet, Repertoire, Pointe Variations.  


Please refer to our block schedule for days and times.