General Information

Make-up classes:
1.     Make-up classes are encouraged, but they are not mandatory.
2.     Tuition is not pro-rated or refunded for missed classes.
3.     Lessons missed for any reason may be made up at any time during the same semester by attending a class of the same, mixed, or lower level offered on a different day or at a different time.
4.     Elective classes, such as Pointe, Variations, Repertoire, Lyrical Dance, Hip-Hop, and Musical Theater may not be used as make-up classes. Please inquire at the front desk if you need suggestions for alternative class choices.
Make-up Procedure:
1.     Upon entering the school, go directly to the front desk and tell the receptionist that you are there for a make-up class. She will put your name on a list and ask you to wait in the lobby until all students registered for that class have checked in. If there are spaces available, you will be allowed to enter the studio and take a make-up class. If the class has reached its size limitation, a make-up class is not possible.
2.     Make-up spots cannot be reserved in advance, but by calling ahead you can get class size information and a good idea of how many spots are open in a particular class on a regular basis.
In general our policy is that we are closed on all Loudoun County Public School holidays. We are open on all other student holidays (e.g., Teacher workdays). For more details, refer to our SCHOOL CALENDAR - 2014-2015.
  • WINTER BREAK and SPRING BREAK are incorporated into our Semesters, so no make-ups are required
  • NUTCRACKER and other performing conflicts may require individual make-ups
  • RECITAL WEEK is counted as part of our Spring Semester. Classes missed may be made-up in advance.
1.     Please use common sense about the decision to attend or send a child to do physical exercise while ill.
2.     Do not ask permission for warm-ups or sweaters to be worn because of a recent or approaching illness.
3.     Consider the health and well being of teachers and classmates. Make-up classes are recommended.
The Loudoun School of Ballet will close on a case-by-case basis.  Please refer to our website, FB, email and voice mail for closure updates.
If in doubt, please call before leaving home. We can update you as to our local weather and road conditions. Remember our philosophy is “better safe than sorry.” Missed classes can be made-up. Bear in mind that many of our faculty live outside Loudoun county and early morning and late evening classes may be cancelled because the instructors cannot safely navigate the roads. In the event of an extreme number of cancelled classes due to weather in one year, we schedule extra weekend classes to be used exclusively for make-up purposes.
1.     Because students from The Loudoun School of Ballet represent not only their school but the dance tradition as well, we expect our students to be courteous, respectful, quiet, and well-behaved at all times.
2.     Students will address all adults, staff, and teachers as Mr. Miss, or Mrs. as gender dictates. (Exception: an individual instructor may give permission to be addressed by first name.)
3.     Students may not use music or choreography from classes or performances without prior written approval of the choreographer and department director.
4.     Students may not sit on or at the front desk without permission. All other office and storage areas are off-limits.
5.     Students should also ask permission before borrowing or using the school phones, sound systems, computers, copiers, costumes, photographs, and miscellaneous office materials.
6.     If possible, and as a courtesy, we request a phone call from students to notify the school of a pending absence.
1.     Students must enter and exit by the front door. All other doors have alarms.
2.     Students are required to wear cover-ups over their leotards and tights when entering and leaving the school.
 This applies to all students (regardless of age), and at all times of the year (regardless of weather).
3.     Upon arrival at the school, all students must go directly to the front desk to check-in. Attendance will be recorded  
         by the receptionist and any messages for them will be delivered at this time.
4.     After check-in students (not parents)  in class levels V and up may proceed from the lobby to the “Student Area” to  
        wait for their class to begin or they may choose to wait in the lobby until their class time.
5.     Instructors with young students (Levels IV and below) will come into the lobby to announce the start of their class.  
        Instructors will wait for a student line-up, and then accompany their dancers to the proper studio.
6.     Late student arrivals must be accompanied to class by the receptionist, not by the parent.
7.     Parents are not allowed in the “Student Area” or in the classroom except during Parents Observation Week.
8.     Applause and a verbal thank-you from student to instructor will end all classes.
9.     For safety reasons, we ask that all students wait in the lobby until pick-up. We urge parents to accompany
young dancers to and from the parking lot. Please notify the school of changes in your usual pick-up routine.
10.  Early student drop-offs and late student pick-ups are not allowed. Students under the age of 10 must be supervised at  
        all times between classes. Refer to Tuition & Fees for baby-sitting fees.
       1.     Food and drink may not be consumed or carried into the school or lobby. (Exception: All-day camps & workshops)
       2.     Tobacco and chewing gum may not be consumed or carried into the school or lobby.
3.    Our Lost & Found box is located in the lobby. Please label all of your personal belongings and dance shoes.
4.    Do not bring pets, bikes, strollers, etc. into the school facility. Visitors are expected to make every effort to keep hallways, entrances/exit areas clear and quiet . Please do not dispose of food or diapers in our lobby trash cans.
5.   Students may not bring unsupervised friends or siblings into the school facility. Parents, instructors, and adult students may not bring their children into the studios or leave them unsupervised on or near the school premises. Refer to Tuition & Fees for required baby-sitting fees for all unsupervised children.
        1  Students are expected to be punctual and to be fully dressed for their class before class begins
        2.   Many students arrive with their hair already styled and correct dance attire on under their street clothes.
        3.   Students are not to dress or undress in the lobby or in any other common areas of the school
        4.   Two dressing rooms with attached bathrooms are provided in the “Student Area” for older dancers.
        5.   Male dancers and younger students requiring assistance, please use the lobby restroom as a dressing area.
All students should purchase a dance bag to carry their personal belongings
  •     RISING STARS DEPARTMENT - Dance bags and outerwear should be left with a parent in the lobby during class.
  •     BALLET & CONTEMPORARY DEPARTMENT - dance bags should be brought into the studios during class time.
  •      Dance bags must be soft, and small enough to be placed safely under studio benches or against a designated wall   
  •      Dance bags may not be left unsupervised in the reception area, hallways, bathrooms, or dressing areas.