Graded Level Jazz *minimum of once a week ballet class is required to. take graded level jazz classes

       Jazz I, Ages 6            

  • ​        Once a week beginner  jazz class for ages 6-8

  • Jazz II, Ages 7+             

    • Once a week beginner jazz class for ages 7-9

  • Jazz III/IV/V, Ages 8+

    • Once a week advanced beginner class for ages 8-10

  • Jazz VI/VII, Ages 10+

    • Once a week intermediate jazz class for ages 10-13

  • Jazz VIII/IX, Ages 11+

    • Once a week intermediate/advanced jazz class for ages 11-14

  • Jazz X, Ages 14+        

    • Once a week advanced jazz class for ages 14+

Mixed Level & Elective Classes

       Beg/Int Jazz, Ages 6+

  • ​        A once a week mixed-level jazz class for ages 6-10.  Ballet is not required to take this class.

  • Musical Theater, Ages 6-12                    

    • An acting, singing and dancing curriculum that includes improvisation, vocal warm-ups, and expressive  and emotional movements.

  • Broadway Jazz for Levels VI-X               

    • An elective theater style jazz class for the intermediate and advanced dancer.

  • Jazz Funk/Commercial Jazz, Ages 11+

    • An elective class for the intermediate and advanced dancer.

  • Hip Hop, Ages 8+                                           

    • Once a week beginner or intermediate/advanced class

  • Contemporary                                              

    • focus on connecting emotions to movement, creating shapes, and learning to use accents  and transitions to give our younger dancers the opportunity to begin their contemporary dance journey and build upon the skills they are learning in ballet and jazz..

    • Beg. For levels 1I-III, Int. For Levels V-VII,  Adv. For Levels VIII-X

  • Lyrical                                                              

    • An elective class that embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz and modern.

    • Beg, Ages 8+ For ballet levels III-VInt, Ages 11 + For Ballet Levels VI-VIIIAdv, Ages 13+ For Ballet Levels IX-X

  • Modern, Int/Adv, ages 11+                       

    • An elective class for the intermediate and advanced dancer.



     Tap I, Ages 6+                                                    

  •      ​Once a week beginner tap class for ages 6-8

  • Tap II, Ages 7+                                                   

    • Once a week advanced beginner tap class for ages 7-9

  • Int. Tap III-V, Ages 9+                                   

    • Once a week intermediate tap class for ages 9-12

  • Int/Adv Tap VI/VII, Ages 12+                    

    •  Once a week Intermediate advanced tap class for ages 12+

Contemporary Department Classes    For ages 6 through adult

All our classes are available in person or online