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Contemporary Department

Ages 6 - Adult

Contemporary Dance: An Exploration of Movement and Emotion

Focused on self-expression, self-awareness and physical fitness, all of our contemporary class offerings develop well-rounded, creative dancers well-versed in the continually evolving contemporary dance experience.

Graded Level Classes

*A minimum of a once-a-week ballet class is required to take graded level jazz class.

  • Jazz I, Ages 6-8           

    • ​Once-a-week beginner jazz class

  • Jazz II, Ages 7-9 

    • ​Once-a-week beginner jazz class

  • Jazz III, Ages 8-10

    • ​Once-a-week advanced beginner class

  • Jazz IV/V, Ages 9-11

    • ​Once-a-week advanced beginner class

  • Jazz VI/VII, Ages 10-13

    • ​Once-a-week intermediate jazz class 

  • Jazz VIII/IX, Ages 13+

    • ​Once-a-week intermediate/advanced jazz class

Mixed Level & Elective Classes

Tap Classes

  • Tap I, Ages 6-8

    • once-a-week beginner tap class 

  • Tap II, Ages 7-9

    • ​once-a-week advanced beginner tap class

  • Tap III, Ages 8-10

    • ​once-a-week advanced beginner tap class

  • Int. Tap IV/V, Ages 9-12

    • once-a-week intermediate tap class

  • Int/Adv Tap VI/VII, Ages 12+

    • once-a-week intermediate/advanced tap class

  • Teen/Adult Tap, Ages 13+

    • once-a-week beginner/intermediate tap class​

  • Tap Basics, Ages 11+

    • once-a-week beginner tap fundamentals

  • Mixed Jazz, Ages 6-10

    • mixed-level jazz class  

    • Enrollment in a ballet class is not required for this class.

  • Broadway Jazz for Jazz Levels VI-X          

    • theater style jazz for the intermediate and advanced dancer

  • Hip Hop, Ages 8+                                          

    • elective for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancer 

  • Contemporary                                              

    • focuses on connecting emotions to movement, creating shapes, and using accents and transitions 

    • builds upon ballet and jazz technique

    • Beg. for jazz levels II-IV; Int. for jazz V-VII,  Adv. for jazz VIII-X

  • Lyrical                                                            

    • embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern

    • beg., ages 8+ in ballet levels III-V

    • int., ages 11+ in ballet levels VI-VIII

    • adv., ages 13+ in ballet levels IX-X

  • Turns & Leaps, Int/Adv, ages 9+                    

    • elective class for the intermediate and advanced dancer

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